fueling a six figure law firm sales pipeline

See how we increased PPC conversions by 600% using current events affecting Amazon sellers to capture leads with a potential lifetime value exceeding five-figures.

Full Service Legal Marketing in action.

In the wake of Wayfair v.s South Dakota, thousands of Amazon sellers received formal demand letters from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration demanding that they pay California sales tax. Not sure why they owed California sales tax, or even how to pay it, many sellers jumped online searching for legal help. With a multi-pronged approach, we were able to help our client Brotman Law capture the moment and fill their sales pipeline.

Project Overview

The Power of SEO, PPC and Social Media

Within 48 hours of Amazon's email, our campaign was in full swing. We created 2 dedicated landing pages, launched a Facebook ad campaign and created new PPC ads.

Using raw video shot from an iPhone, our client was also able to share his message to concerned Amazon sellers on Youtube. We then leveraged the video to create a long-form blog posts and organic social media posts.

We then tested everything to see what was and was not working. We used heat mapping to create conversion-focused landing pages (see image to the left), and A/B tested different layouts.

Our Results

Increase in PPC Conversions
Organic Goal Completions Over 2 Months
Confirmed Consultation Leads From PPC
Sales Tax Related Keywords Ranking in Top 10 Results

How we got the Results

We Launched Multiple Campaigns To Help Our Client Beat The Competition

Long-form blog posts

Custom landing pages

Authentic video messaging

Targeted PPC campaign

Strategic Facebook Ads

Responsive team ready to pivot

600% Increase in PPC conversions

Targeting The Right Keywords To Get The Right Clients

For this campaign, we focused on search terms related specifically to the CDTFA demand letter and Amazon's email. To do this, we read Amazon seller forum posts and Facebook group discussions to see what people were looking for.

Once we had the right keywords, we created two conversion focused landing pages - one with a click-to-call phone number and another with a video message. Using A/B testing and heat mapping, we were able to determine the most effective design and increase page engagement.

Here are the results:

- 600% increase in conversions
- 118% increase in number of clicks
- 62% Decrease in Cost Per Conversion
- 11% Conversion Rate
- $796.00 total spent

162 goal completions through organic search

Using The Power Of Content To Drive New Leads

In addition to ramping up a sales tax PPC campaign, we also created several blog posts discussing the Amazon sales tax issue as well as Wayfair v. South Dakota. Our client's site was already ranking well for competitive search terms, but the additional content boosted 16 sales tax related keywords into Google's top ten search results. Traffic to our client's website increased during this time period, and goal completions (phone calls and form completions) increased by over 50%. In addition, our client received phone calls from YouTube viewers.

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