We Write For People, Not Search Engines.

Are you sick of reading “SEO Optimized” content for law firms that sounds like a computer wrote it? We are too. That's why we write content with your clients in mind. All of our content is written and edited by a licensed attorney that understands your specific practice area and geographic market. Most importantly all the content we create is written just for your law firm so you get the maximum boost in your SEO.

Custom Website For A Law Firm By Nomos Marketing

Legal content for law firms

content that builds credibility, strengthens your brand and establishes trust with your clients.

But we don't just write for search engine marketing—we do it all. From websites to mailers, no project is too big or too small for our team. What can we say, we love writing about the law!

Today's legal consumers are savvy and know when they are being served versus when they are being sold. We pride ourselves on content that informs and empowers people to take action.
‍When people have a legal problem, they turn to search engines for answers. We write content that provides those answers, displays your expertise, builds trust, and, of course, is search engine optimized.

written by lawyers

Our in-house content team went to law school, passed the bar and worked for law firms. Needless to say, we’re comfortable in the legal space. We also understand the legal ethics and strive for compliant messaging.

SEO Friendly

We write for people, not robots. But we also make sure your content will help you rank. From eliminating duplicate copy to hitting your markets and demographics, writers and SEO managers work closely to ensure we’re always at the top of the page.

Client focused

We understand what you went into the law to help people, and that you truly care about your clients. That is why we write with your ideal clients in mind. We create content that answers their questions and provides real value at all stages of the hiring process.

Working on a custom law firm website

written for you, and your clients

we create original Legal content designed to educate and convert new clients.

NOMOS Marketing writers develop your brand voice, which is vital in setting you apart from your competition. They’ll break down legal issues and processes in a way that clients can understand. Our team will touch on issues that are relevant to your practice and community.

When planning the content for your website, SEO content delivery, or even a simple direct mailer, we take your practice goals into consideration, first and foremost. We compare the topics that matter to you against the ones that matter to your market demographic. We search for the questions your potential clients are asking and the keywords that will help you rank. We write content that captures attention at all stages of the customer journey.

We kickoff all content marketing campaigns with an interview to make sure that we cover what is important to your law firm and clients. From there, our team brainstorms content ideas, writes the content, hand selects high quality images and make sure the content is SEO ready.

We know that nothing beats your legal expertise, and we are happy to incorporate any feedback you may have.

What You Can Expect

Expertly crafted content written by lawyers with your clients in mind.

Checks for plagiarism, repetition, typos and inaccuracies

Content interviews during onboarding so we can get to know you

Thorough understanding of your firm's practice areas, goals, and message

Direct access to our writers to discuss any content related concerns or direction

Quality content for every element of your law firm, from SEO content to taglines

Writers who understand legal ethics obligations


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