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Full service marketing agency for lawyers.

NOMOS Marketing is a full‑service digital marketing agency exclusively serving the legal industry. Co‑founded by attorney Tyler Roberts and partner April Roberts, we are a marketing agency built for lawyers, by lawyers. Tyler and April joined forces with marketing veterans Michael Anderson and Laura Maly to create a powerhouse agency employing the skills of over 35 talented experts.

What we do

A one-stop shop for law firm marketing.

Responsive law firm websites that are SEO ready and optimized for mobile.
Aggressive onsite and offsite search engine optimization campaign to get you to #1.
Branding + Design
Law firm logo designs that stand out in a competitive market.
Photo + Video
Elevate your marketing with engaging visual content.
Pay Per Click
Put your law firm at the top of Google and drive new clients to your practice.
Social Media
Connect your practice with existing clients and future leads in your community.
Style + Substance

Elegant Law Firm Websites

We build distinctive law firm websites that showcase you, your firm and your team.

Digital + Traditional

A Holistic Approach to Legal Marketing

As a full service marketing agency, we offer branding and design services for all aspects of your law firm's marketing, from stationery and brochures to billboards and swag.

Omnipresent Marketing

Your Law Firm, Everywhere

It takes multiple touch points with a brand before a purchasing decision is made. We combine storytelling, technology and traditional advertising to reach them.

What is "NOMOS"?

The story behind the name.

Nomos is more than a cool word. In fact, the word nomos actually has a lot of significance to our underlying mission. Nomos is the greek word for law. In ancient Greek mythology, nomos was actually the personification of the laws, statutes and ordinances. In terms of sociology, nomos refers to the customs and habits of social behavior.

We gave our legal marketing agency the name NOMOS because we believe that our clients are the modern day embodiment of the ancient greek ideal. Additionally, we believe that the laws that construct human behavior are critical to building effective marketing campaigns.

NOMOS marketing combines these two concepts of the law.

What makes us different?

Connecting people to the legal services they need.

As marketing professionals, we have the opportunity to connect lawyers to their communities in a powerful and positive way. Everything we do at NOMOS Marketing, whether its web design, social media, SEO, branding or PPC, is focused on putting our clients in a better position to serve their communities.

We are always studying how people are shopping for lawyers online, what they look for when making hiring decisions, and what makes them pick up the phone. We consider it a success anytime we can increase exposure to resources and knowledge that help someone in need of legal help connect with one of our lawyer clients.

With everything we do, we keep in mind that this may be someone’s first interaction with the justice system, and that they may be apprehensive or anxious to meet with a lawyer. We get excited every day coming into our office thinking that something we create for a client can help alleviate those concerns and provide the resources that someone needs to take full control over what can be very stressful situation.

Our "Why"

What drives us.

Traditional legal marketing fails to capture the human connection. Photos of crossed arms, handcuffs and damaged cars do very little to help clients feel at ease and in control. Clients today want to feel empowered and encouraged, not belittled and hopeless.

We strive to create transformational digital experiences for lawyers that benefit their clients as well as their bottom line. We believe that every website, blog and social media post can be used to create positive change for both attorneys and their clients. Great marketing should be a service to your community, while driving new clients to your door.

We work with great attorneys all over the country that share this vision. Everyday, we see the positive impact of our work on our clients lives, but also the lives of the people they serve. That is what drives us. That is why we created NOMOS Marketing.

Don't wait.

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“My law firm approached NOMOS about updating our website and we could not be happier with the result.  Their service and responsiveness was outstanding which, in turn, resulted in a very easy and manageable process.
“A year ago, NOMOS jumped in and elevated my website, marketing and advertising. Having Tyler with a legal background really helps too... It’s been great.”
“Outstanding work, service, and commitment! Tyler turned having a website from a chore to something that I was excited about and a site where I am proud to showcase my firm.”
“Tyler and the rest of the Nomos Marketing team are a class act. They have always been very responsive to our questions, professional and ethical.”