Building the best

See how we took one law firm website from standard to great by implementing cutting edge design, creating personal content and optimizing performance.

Increased performance, optimized for conversion

We had the pleasure of working with Laureti & Associates, A.P.C. as our first client. So when they asked us to build a new website for their law firm, we were eager to give them a website that they could rely on as lead generation tool for the next ten years. We built a custom website that was optimized for search engine rankings, designed for conversions, video background enabled, and included high quality visuals and legal content.

Project Overview

Delivering The Future Of The Web

Laureti & Associates, A.P.C. already had a professionally built, custom website. But it was no longer working for them.

Rather than a marketing tool and resource for clients, their website was just another thing on a checklist of must-have's in the 2010s. The old site included the hallmarks of a dated law firm website - a scowling lawyer with folded arms, difficult to use navigation bar, slow site speed, low SEO rankings and a text-heavy pages.

Our goal was to produce THE best law firm website out there that achieved a higher level of design and a better user experience, while  increasing functionality and SEO performance. The future of law firm business development is online, and we wanted to position Laureti & Associates, A.P.C. for the future of the profession.

Our Results

Average Session Duration
Net Increase in Rankings
Increase in Organic Traffic
Pages Per Session

Creating The Best Law Firm Website

Our goal of creating the best law firm website was lofty, but our team was able to pull it off. We combined cutting edge web design with high quality photography, video and legal content assets to build one of the most beautiful law firm sites on the web.

But great design and quality content is only half the battle. In order to deliver on our promise of building a lead generation engine for Laureti & Associates, A.P.C., we had to optimize literally every aspect of the site for SEO as well as conversions. We conducted keyword research to identify opportunities to rank in a competitive legal market, then produced keyword rich, optimized service pages. We also designed every page with to capture leads, either through a form completion or by a phone call.

We expected to get good results once we launched the new site, but what we saw blew us away. In just a few months, the law firm was ranking on the first page of Google for competitive keywords. More people are visiting the site, and they are hanging around longer. Just look at the results!

building the best

What does it take to build one of the best law firm websites out there?

Mobile responsiveness

Optimized for search engines

Authentic and unique content

Video background enabled

Designed for conversion

Industry leading website hosting for speed and stability

Optimized For Conversion

Capturing Leads At Every Turn

The goal of any law firm website is to convert visitors into leads. With that in mind, we designed this website to capture new leads on every page.

First you will notice that the phone number is included in a scrolling navigation bar, which is accessible throughout the website. Second, we included CTAs for free consultations above the fold on every service page. Lastly, we integrated a live chat feature that allows Tony and his staff to chat with visitors by phone, laptop or computer.

In addition to technological features, our content managers included former client testimonials, case results and FAQs throughout the website - providing value and validation at every turn.

Personalized content

Creating A Positive User Experience

Tony and his staff are warm, welcoming people with interesting personal lives. However, their last site felt cold and impersonal. The lead image was of Tony with folded arms over a skyline backdrop. The bios similarly failed to humanize the firm.

We wanted Laureti & Associates, A.P.C. to feel more approachable. People coming to the firm are often going through a difficult time in their lives, and we believed that more personal content would produce a positive user experience. Our talented web team created an amazing floating collage of personal photos on the About Us page.

Of course, we highlighted the firm's accomplishments and prestige, but brining in personal anecdotes, like the fact Tony is an avocado farmer, created an inviting online presence.

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