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Email Marketing For Lawyers During COVID-19

If ever there was a time to use your email list, it is now. Email is one of the most powerful ways to reach your referral partners, clients, former clients and prospective clients.

If ever there was a time to use your email list, it is now. Email is one of the most powerful ways to reach your referral partners, clients, former clients and prospective clients.

What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing For Lawyers?

At the most basic level, Email is a great way to not only share what you are doing over the course of the next few weeks, but also check in on your clients and colleagues to see how they are doing. Responding to the COVID-19 crisis is a community effort - we’re all in this together. Letting others know that you are thinking of them and genuinely concerned about their health and safety is a class-act move that will be remembered when this crisis passes.

Beyond that, email is a great way to share resources and information related to COVID-19. Right now, your clients are hungry for information that will help them through this challenging time. If you are an employment lawyer, keep your clients up to date on the latest laws and policies affecting employment decisions and payroll. If you are a criminal defense attorney, let your clients know about court closures, teleconferencing options and other policy changes that can be used to benefit their case. If you are a personal injury attorney, let your clients know how you plan to pursue negotiations or conduct discovery even when you are not in the office.

How Lawyers Use Email Marketing To Get New Clients.

Even if you do not have a subscriber list through Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign, you should still send an email checking in on your clients, former clients and colleagues letting them know you are thinking of them and that, despite COVID-19, you are available to help. Here are a few other topics you could cover by email:

  • Updates to legislation
  • Court closures
  • Employment issues
  • Helpful resources and links
  • Invitations to webinars

Pro Tip: Segmenting your email list is the best way to organize your recipients by practice area. If you practice personal injury, criminal defense and estate planning, you can segment your email list into these three groups. This ensures that emails related to personal injury topics only reach personal injury clients, for example.

If you need help, NOMOS Marketing works with lawyers to create and build email lists to help them reach their clients and prospective clients. You can give us a call and we will share our workflow and a few email marketing secrets we have learned along the way.

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