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Is Super Lawyers Worth The Investment?

Super Lawyers is a rating service that identifies outstanding lawyers across various practice areas and jurisdictions. However, like any business decision, the question remains: Is Super Lawyers worth it?

In the legal industry, recognition and reputation play a significant role in attracting clients and building a successful practice. One option attorneys often explore for enhancing their credibility is the Super Lawyers designation. Super Lawyers is a rating service that identifies outstanding lawyers across various practice areas and jurisdictions. However, like any business decision, the question remains: Is Super Lawyers worth it?

Increased Credibility and Visibility

One of the most significant advantages of being recognized by Super Lawyers is the boost in prestige and credibility. Having the Super Lawyers badge on your website, business cards, and other marketing materials can showcase to prospective clients that you have been recognized by a reputable authority in the legal field. On the contrary, Super Lawyers was created to sell ad space, it doesn’t mean that you are a better law firm, just that you have decided to pay for the recognition. If it is within budget and doesn’t come at the expense of other marketing initiatives, go for it.

SEO Benefits - Who Benefits More?

Super Lawyers is just one component of a comprehensive SEO strategy. To make the most of Super Lawyers for SEO, ensure that your profile is well-optimized with relevant keywords, the information is accurate and up-to-date, and you're actively engaging with your audience on your website and social media. Investing in SEO and PPC gives you more control over your law firm’s search visibility.

Backlinks (links from other websites to your site) are a crucial aspect of SEO. Super Lawyers' profiles often include a link to the attorney's website. If your firm's profile is linked to the Super Lawyers website, it provides a high-quality, authoritative backlink that can improve your website's authority in search engine algorithms. However the backlink works both ways, by adding the link to your website, you are also boosting the Super Lawyers rankings and bringing more traffic to their website.

Ethical Concerns

Some state bar associations caution against excessive marketing and advertising that might overemphasize awards and recognitions like Super Lawyers. Attorneys need to ensure that their marketing practices align with ethical guidelines to maintain the integrity of the legal profession.

What's The Verdict?

Overall, Super Lawyers is a well-known and widely recognized rating service within the legal industry. Having the Super Lawyers distinction can help to increase credibility and search visibility and has many benefits for law firm SEO.  Having Super Lawyers assures clients that you have been vetted and are a reliable choice. If it aligns within the budget and doesn’t impact other marketing initiatives, we say go for it, but if it doesn't, having the award isn’t crucial for successful law firm marketing.

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