It's Never Too Late To Update Your Law Firm's Website

Modern Law Firm Websites

If you want your law firm to succeed in the modern legal market, you need to build a credible online presence. Just ten years ago, you may have been able to get away with a budget website - just something to make your mark on the web. But now, that same outdated website is working against you.

A law firm with no recent online activity, reviews or content will fail to capture the interest, and the trust, of potential new clients.

At NOMOS Marketing, we believe that every law firm website should produce a positive experience for those seeking legal advice. With a modern law firm website, we strive to make the law more accessible, less intimidating and ultimately more human.

Here are just a few elements we focus on to achieve those goals.

Unique Law Firm Content

Think about the last time you were shopping online for services. When you search online for a lawyer, you want to find someone who you can trust - an authority, a leader, and expert.

A website full of stock content and canned messaging fails to distinguish your firm - and your expertise - from your competitors. As a result, your credibility will take a hit, and you may lose potential new clients. You want to make a strong impression, and providing unique content will give your website visitors an opportunity to learn who you are and what it will be like to work with you.

At NOMOS Marketing, we work with firms to create custom law firm content through photo, video, social and blogging services that tell your law firm’s story. And when it comes to web design, we incorporate those elements into the final product, ensuring that you have a robust, authentic web presence.

Mobile Responsive Law Firm Websites

Nearly every adult in the U.S. own a smartphone and uses that device to conduct searches online. If you law firm website is not mobile responsive, not only will your Google rankings take a hit, but your website visitors will be frustrated and ultimately leave your site and look for another option.

Your law firm’s website should look great, no matter what screen size someone is using to view it. At NOMOS Marketing, we build websites for all screen sizes. In fact, we use smartphones, tablets and desktop screens to assess every website before it is launched.

Law Firm Website SEO Optimization

Wix, Squarespace, Godaddy - all of these platforms allow lawyers to build clean, good looking websites with little technical skill. However, good design is not enough. Unfortunately, websites built on these DIY platforms fail to compete in search engine rankings. They just aren’t built for it.

If you want to get more clients through your website, you need an optimized site and a strategic long-term law firm SEO plan. At NOMOS Marketing, every website is optimized for search engine rankings with unique content that is keyword rich. Prior to launching a site, we check each meta-title, meta-description, image and header to make sure the website is set up for success.

Establish Your Online Presence with NOMOS Marketing

At NOMOS Marketing, we are on a mission to make the law more human. When it comes to web design, we help lawyers create unique and engaging law firm websites that people actually want to use. We also look at how people search for lawyers, and build a gameplan around strategic keywords to set our clients up for long term success.

Read more about our law firm web design process to learn more about how we can improve your web presence.

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