Your Law Firm Needs Call Tracking

Call tracking is a process that our team uses to determine how people calling you found your law firm. We then use data generated from call tracking to measure the success of your SEO, social and PPC advertising campaigns. With call tracking software like CallRail, we can collect information about how callers found your law firm, what content they visited on your website prior to making a call, pull call recordings and even tie each call to a specific paid search keyword.

Call tracking analytics dashboard.
Sample data from CallRail dashboard.

While the technology behind call tracking is cutting edge, the concept of call tracking has been around for a long time. In fact, businesses have used call tracking since telephones were invented by asking how callers heard about their business. People may say things like “I found you in the Yellow Pages,” or “I found your law firm in a Google search.”

Call tracking is a little more sophisticated today. With tools like CallRail, manual call tracking is no longer necessary. Now law firms can automatically pinpoint exactly how clients found their business. In turn, they can reliably calculate the return on their marketing dollars.

So, how exactly does call tracking work?

Call tracking software uses a combination of cookies and dynamic number insertion to track a web visitor’s online activity. Each marketing campaign is assigned its own tracking number, which shows law firms where calls are coming from. For example, the phone number assigned to a social advertising campaign will be different than the number assigned to a PPC ad campaign. The best part about call tracking is that all calls are directed to your law firm’s phone number.

Call tracking dashboard
Call tracking allows us to see exactly where calls are coming from, who is calling and if they are calling for the first time.

Let’s say your law firm is running three marketing campaigns — a Google adwords PPC campaign, a direct mailer campaign and a Facebook ad campaign— and you want to know which campaign is actually leading to phone calls. Call tracking allows you to assign a number to each of those campaigns. When someone responds to one of those campaigns by calling your law firm, you’ll be able to connect it to a specific marketing campaign. For online campaigns you will even be able to see what pages people visited before contacting your firm. When lawyers know how clients found their firm, they are able to attribute the client to specific marketing actions or referrals.

If your law firm is running multiple marketing campaigns, then call tracking is a must. Call tracking is one of the best ways to see where calls are originating from and calculating ROI. Law firms can use call tracking data to determine the success of marketing optimize future initiatives according to what is making the phone ring.

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